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West Side Carpet Cleaning Process

When you work with West Side Carpet Cleaning, you will always get fair pricing that doesn’t change, top-quality work, and excellent communication throughout. Here’s what to expect when you work with us.

We price by the square foot, not by the room. This way, if you choose to only have open areas cleaned (and not spaces under furniture), you'll only pay for the areas we clean.

Because every job is unique, we have to see the space in order to give an accurate quote. Our only exception is if you know the exact sizes of the rooms you want cleaned. If you do, we can give you a quote over the phone. And all of our quotes are free!

Once you agree to the work, we'll schedule the job at your convenience. You'll notice when we're out on a job that we have fun, we communicate everything we do with you, and we work hard to make your carpets look great. Once in a while we come across stains that are simply impossible to remove. In these cases, we'll let you know beforehand – and then we'll still try our darnedest to get it out!

Once we've finished working, we'll go through each room with you to show you what we've done. Consider this a “technical analysis” of the work performed. Once we're done with walkthrough, we think you'll realize that we don't just do a great job but that we live up to our philosophy that “Only Perfect Is Good Enough.”

We look forward to offering you a free quote and helping you get your home, rental, or business looking and performing its best.

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